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Katniss Everdemon


District 12


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Little is known about Katniss before she showed up on the Seam of District 12 as a small child, but most believe her to be the unholy offspring of the devil himself. Though she seemed innocent and harmless, this child was pure evil. She was reaped to be the female tribute for 12 when she was seventeen. In the arena, she slaughtered everybody who crossed her path in a ruthless bloodbath. The way she mudered…wasn’t human. Needless to say, she won the games. During her victory tour, they stopped in a very weird place called Austin, Texas. And it was there that she witnessed something far more brutal than the Hunger Games: Texas Roller Derby. These women were everything Katniss wanted to be and more. So she put away her blood-stained bow and arrows, strapped on a pair of Wickeds and began to skate. Look out for this new little Gun. She may appear to be very sweet and friendly, but keep in mind, “the more likeable she is, the more deadly she is”.

Distinguishing Characteristics

A kind face, a sweet smile, boney hips and shoulders and a mockingjay



Derby Wife

Wife - Toxie (TXRG Rec League & Bat City Rebellion), Twin - Shanx-a-Lot, "Mini-Me" of Lyka Boss

Injuries Sustained

Stabbed in the eye, hand crushed under the plate of a skate, kicked in the back of the head and an infinite amount of bruises and bumps.

Favorite Opponent

Bendy Davis

Derby Idols

There are many, many skaters I idolize, but naming just a few: Kate or Dye, TruckStop Trixie, Lyka Boss, Husslepuff, Lynnie Bruise and Hauss the Boss (WFTDA).


Dancing, Ziggy Starbuck, moscato, fun socks, Lyka Boss, WHIPASNAPS!, two-steppin' and Jurassica.


People who tell me I'm too nice/tiny to play roller derby, pants, monsters and the fact that TruckStop Trixie left TXRD


Retired Skaters