Bendy Davis - TXRD - Texas Banked Track Roller Derby
An Austin original, TXRD has been wowing crowds since breathing new life into the sport of roller derby in 2001. Our unique blend of camp and athleticism continues to win over new fans young and old while staying in tune with our old-school derby roots. TXRD’s own brand of banked track roller derby truly is the most entertaining sport in the world.
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About This Project


Bendy Davis


11 hours


Start Year




Jammer Blocker






Bendy spent her early years trying to get by in middle America suburbia. Never one for the straight-laced folk, Bendy moved to Texas as soon as she could, and never looked back. It didnít take her long to hear about a group of long lost sisters-in-skate, reputed to share her passion for speed and a love of winning. She quickly tracked down a pair of sturdy pink skates, capable of outlasting even the toughest opponent. The moment her feet met the track, she knew she was home.

She may look like a sweetheart, but donít let the blond hair and big smile fool you; Bendy Davis is a vagina warrior. Bendy is the ultimate enigma-flexible yet unyielding, ìniceî but poised, ready for any opportunity to fell-her-bust-her opponents. With laser-like focus, iron-jawed endurance, and an envious pair of pink skates, Bendy doesnít let anyone block her from getting what she wants. How many blondes does it take to change the world? One. #skatewithbendy @TXRDRollergirls

Distinguishing Characteristics

Pink Skates


Best Manager or Board Member 2014

Derby Wife

Soviet Crusha

Injuries Sustained

Ruptured ovarian cyst, sprained foot

Favorite Opponent

Dusty Doublewide

Derby Idols

Cheapskate, Rocky Casbah, Smarty Pants, Nasty Pelosi (DC Rollergirls)


Texas Women


Prick Perry


Cherry Bombs, Retired Skaters