Learn to Skate – Learn to Bout

Begin Your Journey in the
Derby-verse with Derby Academy!


There are 2 Levels of Derby Academy classes.


Level #1 – Learn to skate/Hone your skills. 8:30am-10:30am.

We focus on the skills you will need if you plan to tryout for our NewBee Training Program. We learn the skating stance, how to push, cross overs, T-stop, plow stop, falls and recovery, how to turn around, skate backwards and more. Most all of the skills in this level are done individually without contact.



Level #2 – More advanced skating – 10:30am-12:30 pm.

Level 2 is not Wreck League, but it is a great class to take before or while enrolled in Wreck because we go in depth into the best form for hits and development. We focus on the derby skills that you learned in Level 1 (or already had from previous experience) and put those into practice skating in proximity with others. Derby is about contact with other skaters and this level affords you the opportunity to learn how to skate in a pace line and a pack. We teach snakes and gauntlets, whips and basic strategy. We do plenty of drills and other agility and endurance type activities. We do blocking and occasionally some light bouting, attendance and skater comfort permitting.



Not sure where you’d fit in?

Don’t worry, we can always assess you I make sure you’re in the best fit. We want you to find the right mix of comfort and challenge.


You must be 18 years to register for classes.




Find our current and future dates facebook page: Derby Academy



Level #1 – Saturdays – 8:30-10:30am
Level #2 – Saturdays – 10:30am-12:30pm



TXRD Thunderdome – 1131 S Loop 4, Buda, TX 78610



$150 prepay discount for the full 10 weeks
$18 per class, drop-in




Email: DerbyAcademyOrganizers@gmail.com



Learn to skate & Hone your skills
More Advanced Skating

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