About This Project


Mother Mayhem




Start Year

Skated most my life but brand new to roller derby, caught the bug summer of 2017









When I was 6 my dad bought used thrift store skates so big I would shove tube socks in the toes. I skated around my EVERYWHERE in those skates! I totally felt invincible and free once I had wheels strapped to my feet (this may stand true today). Around middle school when rollerblades were “the thing” I played rollerblade street hockey with all the neighborhood boys in our sleepy N. Illinois town then frequently used my blades as transportation until I got a car at 16. I caught the derby bug this past summer when a flat track league began forming in San Marcos but I quickly realized I needed more of a challenge. Oh did I ever get the challenge I was looking for in my TXRD journey!

Distinguishing Characteristics

I currently feel like Olive Oyl on skates, tangling up my long skinny limbs with others in the pack. I’m hoping this year as a Gun allows me to grow in finesse and stability.



Derby Wife

Marry me!

Injuries Sustained

Broke my rib taking a hit into the rail during the Vets/New Girl bout at the end of New Girl and did final evals the following week anyhow like a crazy Mother because I couldn’t see having risked so much to give up at the end.

Favorite Opponent

Anyone who challenges me to learn and grow as a skater.

Derby Idols

Too many to name, I am so grateful for the derby trainers in person (and not - through blog & video) who share their passion and skills to keep the sport growing. Any human that feels empowered through their derby journey to be a better and healthier human is my idol!


Dark Chocolate, Helping parents find thir personal power through their parenting journey as a La Leche League Leader, the smell of gasoline


Meals without color, folks not willing to keep an open mind to growth/opportunity and drivers that don’t use the magic signaling wand that lets all other driver around them know what they are thinking!


All Scar Army, Rhinestone Cowgirls