Dee Toxin - TXRD - Texas Banked Track Roller Derby
An Austin original, TXRD has been wowing crowds since breathing new life into the sport of roller derby in 2001. Our unique blend of camp and athleticism continues to win over new fans young and old while staying in tune with our old-school derby roots. TXRD’s own brand of banked track roller derby truly is the most entertaining sport in the world.
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Dee Toxin




Rhinestone Cowgirls


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Some people say she stumbled onto a freight train in a drunken stupor one night, leaving Canada forever. Some say her alcoholic tendencies caused both her family and her friends to disown her. In all the legends, one thing is for certain: Dee had thirst for Canadian beer that could not be quenched. After sampling what America had to offer, she found that nothing compared to the brew of her homeland. She knew that she couldn’t spend her life living in the past, so she decided to give up beer forever. Problem is the “cold turkey” thing didn’t work out so well. Canadian beer would always be in her blood, and no matter how much she tried to put the memories of Molson and Labatt’s out of her head, they would never truly go away. She fell off a red-eye flight into Austin one day in the middle of a six-week, cross-eyed bender and decided to stay. Unsatisfied with the beer in the Lone Star State, her BAC gets lower every day. As long as she lives in Texas, it seems she will forever be Dee Toxin.


Retired Skaters, Rhinestone Cowgirls