About This Project




ICU 29


Start Year

On July 8, 2015, I was drinking a Guinness in The Brazen Head (second oldest bar in Dublin) with Hunty Badger as she waxed poetic on the glories and thrills of roller derby, so I decided to give it a try. A few weeks later, back in ATX, I laced up my skates for the first ime in forever, climbed onto the banked track, and promptly fell on my arse. I was immediately addicted!









At the age of 4, Copperhead was held hostage by an Agkistrodon Contortix. Just as our young Copper was succumbing to the lure of Stockholm Syndrome, a brilliant Aquila Chrysaetos swooped down to engage (and ultimately defeat) the Agkistrodon beast in an intense and bloody hostage negotiation. Copper grew up to become fluent in Latin for the sole purpose of deciphering the names of her captor and her rescuer.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Copper-colored locks, Sardonic Wit, Death Stare


Rule Maker/Rule Breaker

Derby Wife

I'm not the marrying kind...

Injuries Sustained

The Fall - I did a half-gainer through the rail, ended up with a concussion. Also, sprained ankle, sprained MCL, and the most impressive bruises this side of the Atlantic.

Favorite Opponent

I like to hit everyone!

Derby Idols

Anyone who can knock me down.


Cheese, Socks, Wine, Whiskey, Books, Dogs, Raptors


Hypocrites, Kale, Snakes, Poor Grammar, Hot Flashes


All Scar Army, Hellcats