Bombs over Cowgirls

Bombs over Cowgirls! 105-24

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If you weren’t at last Saturday’s epic battle between the Rhinestone Cowgirls and Cherry Bombs, you missed out!

There were massive hits, fights, and the kind of dramatic moments that make Texas Roller Derby most entertaining sport in the world! Never fear, though! We caught all the most exciting moments in this bout recap!


The first quarter saw the Bombs taking an early lead, with strong walls and powerful hits keeping Rhinestone jammers at bay, but Rhinestone Gnarly Carly managed to put 4 points on the board for her team, despite being knocked clear out of the track! With both the legendary Dusty Doublewide and star rookie Ablazing Grace out of play due to previous injury, the Rhinestones were at an immediate disadvantage, and the Bombs pulled ahead at the end of the quarter with 16-point lead.


The Cherry Bombs continued to rack up points in the second quarter, with an impressive 9-point jam by Lois Slayin’ in her first jam since being drafted onto the team at the end of the 2015 season! The drama continued with an epic hit by star Bomb jammer Rolla Parks that sent Ramona deFlowers, a Hired Gun making her TXRD debut with the Rhinestones, out of the track. She lay motionless as the crowd held its breath for several minutes, but courageously got up and continued to play! This quarter was a dirty one, with 5 major penalties awarded (4 to the Bombs, and 1 to the Rhinestones) and the score sitting at 32-5, Bombs’ favor, at halftime.


As the third quarter progressed, the Rhinestones appeared to be picking up steam, with 11 more points wrangled by light-footed jammers Sassy Squasher, Bad Apple, and Mad Maxican, but the Bombs stayed on top, with a notable 9-point jam by the speedy, pink-skated Bendy Davis! Tensions mounted as Rhinestone blocker Catty Whompass pulled Zara Problem into a fight during Zara’s first time in this game as the jammer, and Whomp found herself with a major penalty for her trouble.


The fourth quarter found Hired Bombs Nicola Virus, Vanna Fook, and Tomb Raver making their jamming debut as the Cherry Bombs continued to widen the point gap. With defeat a forgone conclusion, the Rhinestones decided it was time to have some fun, and Gnarly Carly instigated several playful fights with Bombs as she jammed for her team. In the end, the Cherry Bombs took home the victory, but the Rhinestone Cowgirls valiantly held their own, with a final score of 105-24.



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