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Twelve days of derby

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On the first day of Christmas, my derby wife gave to me:   12 teammates glistening 11 leads a-changing 10 bruises beaming 9 fans a-screaming 8 skaters blocking 7 minor penalties 6 broken toe stops 5 blind refs 4 pretty panties 3 false starts 2 jammers jamming And some track rash on my left knee   Merry Christmas and Happy...

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TXRD Hired Gun vs Missfits

TXRD Hired Gun$ vs. Missfits

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Hired Gun$ take the spotlight!   You’ve seen some of them take to the track as hired Bombs, Putas, Rhinestones, Rollers, and Hellcats, but with Texas Roller Derby’s end-of-season draft fast approaching, it's time for those tenacious Hired Gun$ to get their moment in the spotlight!   This...

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2016 Calvello Cup Championships

2016 Calvello Cup

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Who is in the Calvello Cup? Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for!   Three teams have been knocked out of the running for the 15th Anniversary Season Calvello Cup championship title.   Two titans remain, ready for the final brawl of 2016: the Hellcats, no...

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Fun Things in Austin - TXRD Pillow Fight

Fun Things to Do in Austin

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Austin is a magical oasis of food, fun things, culture, and weirdness, so when one is tasked with pointing out-of-towners toward the best the city has to offer, the options can be overwhelming!   Luckily, Fun Things To Do has curated a list of unique activities, exciting...

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Check out the results from Texas Roller Derby’s End-of-Season Draft

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To become a TXRD rollergirl, you have to do more than just strap on a pair of skates and pick a badass name. No one knows that better than our team of alternates, the Hired Gun$.   Before becoming a Hired Gun, each of these skaters passed...

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TXRD Field Day - Burn some energy

Field Day at Emma Long Park

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Wanna burn off some excess energy and keep the spirit of competition alive between now and the Calvello Cup Championship? So do we!   Texas Roller Derby is hosting a Field Day this Saturday, September 24th, at Emma Long Park! Join your favorite rollergirls of as we come...

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