Jammer — designated by star on her helmet and known as the sprint skater. Her object is to score one point per opponent she laps. Lead jammer — is the jammer in the lead and the only one that can call off a jam. If a jammer steps off of the track or touches the red zone at the bottom of the track with any part of her body, she is no longer the lead jammer, regardless of her position on the track in relation to the other jammer. Pivot – designated by a strip down the middle of her helmet and known as the pace setter for the pack. She may take over the jammer position once she has the star in her possession. Blocker — They set up plays to assist their jammer through the pack and blocks to stop the opposing jammer Jam: First whistle starts the pack, second whistle signals for the jammers to begin. A jam may last up to 60 seconds or until the lead jammer calls it off by placing both hands on her hip.



The game consists of four 8 minute periods played between two teams.



Unnecessary Roughness
Unsportswomanlike Conduct
Illegal Blocking
Illegal Engagement (Blocking while out of bounds, Blocking skater who is out of bound, Blocking after returning to the track from out of bounds without skating a stroke.)
Failure to Yield
High Blocking

Illegal Procedure