Abbey Roadkill - TXRD - Texas Banked Track Roller Derby
An Austin original, TXRD has been wowing crowds since breathing new life into the sport of roller derby in 2001. Our unique blend of camp and athleticism continues to win over new fans young and old while staying in tune with our old-school derby roots. TXRD’s own brand of banked track roller derby truly is the most entertaining sport in the world.
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About This Project


Abbey Roadkill




Start Year







June 6…D-Day suckerrrrs



The only child of a rowdy Southern rebel and a Beatle-crazed hippie, Abbey Roadkill was raised a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. A free spirit with a deep southern disposition, she always tried to “give peace a chance,” but found her index finger to be much more effective around a trigger than as part of a peace sign.

With a taste for both gunpowder and flower power, Abbey never quite fit in with either crowd. The hippies didn’t approve of her concealed handgun license or the revolver in her purse, while the country folk disapproved of her psychedelic music – the Revolver in her stereo. Realizing Fort Worth just wasn’t cut out to handle a woman of her caliber, she hightailed it down to Austin – the hippie town hidden deep in the heart of Texas.

Home to both liberals and longhorns, Austin had the best of both worlds but was a little too mellow for Abbey’s taste. Despite her strong hippie heritage, she preferred a little gin with her yin and some twang with her yang. In order to satisfy her wild side, she saddled up with the Lonestar Rollergirls of TXRD, the original banked-track league of the wild wild west. (She had considered flat track derby in the past but found that flat track leagues, much like flat-chested women, were just too easy and didn’t stir up enough excitement no matter how you looked at em.)

In the end, the Rhinestone Cowgirls were the perfect fit for Abbey’s radical attitude and rowdy nature. With 1969 on her back and four-wheel drive on each foot, she’s found her calling and never looking back.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Rhinestone Bra, White Skates


RC Most Dedicated 2013, All Scar Army Longest Legs-Battle on the Bank IV

Derby Wife

Ain't no Wifey

Injuries Sustained

Front teeth knocked out 4 times, Upper lip split from mouth to nose (credit: Honey Homicide), Tendons separated from bone (fingers)

Favorite Opponent


Derby Idols

Kategory 5, Gnarly Simon, RegulateHer


The Beatles


People who call it "Rollerblading"...Rollerblade is a brand, they're called in-lines


Retired Skaters, Rhinestone Cowgirls